Do you soft wash? And what exactly is soft washing?


TPW- Yes we use a soft washing method in cleaning a lot of different surfaces, to insure the best cleaning quality possible, and to prevent any damage. With soft washing, custom blended cleaning solutions are applied to the surface by use of special, low pressure pumps. The pressure is about the same as what would be seen coming from a garden hose. It is the cleaning solution that does all the work. By using a pressure washer, you are just moving the mold and algae around. But by soft washing, the mold and algae is killed and gently washed away. 



Will the cleaning solutions you use, harm the vegetation around my home?


 TPW- We use all  biodegradable bleach base cleaning solutions to insure the safety of people and pets , and also to insure  there is  no damage to the vegetation around your home. 




Are you equip with bringing your own water source to a commercial job?


TPW- We are fully equip to transport water to any location.







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